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Beyond the Rain Bookstore

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Ask Me if I Care - by H.B. Gilmour

Bell Jar, The - by Sylvia Plath

Best Little Girl in the World, The - by Steven Levenkron

Gimme an H, Gimme and E, Gimme an L, Gimme a P - by Frank Bonham

Goodbye, Paper Doll - by Anne Snyder

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden - by Hannah Green

Kessa - by Steven Levenkron (sorry, this one is out of print)

Lisa, Bright and Dark - by John Neufeld

Language of Goldfish, The - by Zibby Oneal

Starving for Attention - by Cherry Boone O'Neill

Tommyknockers, The - by Stephen King

Will the Real Monday Please Stand Up - by Pamela Reynolds

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